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About Digital Soapbox. 

  Digital Soapbox produces podcasts from several genres, from comedy and pop-culture, to music and social justice. 

We highlight Black, Latino and other under represented voices. In addition to podcast, we also produce new media, such

as our online gossip mag, "This Some Bull" and our sports oriented blog, "The Sideline Critic". 

We are a true multi-media company with diversified interest., we are not a monolith. In 2020, we expanded our focus to include film, series and documentary production. We are culturally influenced, and it reflects in our projects. We are proud of our communities and who we are, and it reflects in the authenticity of our work. 

Founded in 2019, we have secured licensing deals with industry leaders such as  media mogul Charlamagne Tha God's  "Black Effect" podcast network and iHeart media. In addition, we have a strategic partnership with streaming company "Pod TV".

In conjunction with Pod tv we are launching our multi-platform video-entertainment network "PHLIKS". “PHLIKS” streams movies, tv shows, as well as original series. "PHLIKS" arrives in the 4th quarter of 2022 on platforms such as ROKU, Samsung TV Plus, Tivo, Vizio Watch Free, Redbox Instant, Plex and many more. "PHLIX" highlights the best in urban culture, from classic Blaxploitation flicks to Chicano Classics, we stream flicks that inspire the culture!

Our Partners

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